Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eido Shimano....really?

 So I recall when Aitken Roshi's file was first made public, but hoad honestly not kept up with it as i have not been so involved in my Practice as I should have been.

 I spent a good portion of the day going through alot of the information at http://www.shimanoarchive.com/index.html

 It blew my mind really. I can understand the difficulty of others in dealing with this situation. But over 40 years? Really? Realllly!?!

 And as has been mentioned by many others before me, we're not talkin about just 1 or 2 cases where it could simply be a slanderous action on the part of the accusers. I think it's readily apparent that this ass of a... shit..don't even wanna use the term sensei..is a serial abuser.

 I cannot fathom what took so long for anyone to stand up and react. Tho a certain Kobutsu Malone gets a thumbs up in my book. As do all the teachers, including my own, who have stood up against this atrocity.

 But , my head is spinning as i try to figure out what could possibly have taken over a week to decide about this guy. To me it's simple. There should never have been a cover up. And especially now that it's all publicly exposed. I think all involved parties should have some form of punishment.

 If that means the center disappears because there is noone "sufficient" to run it. Oh welll. It makes me wonder about the students and those who have kept practicing there over the years, who possessed knowledge of this going on.

 I can't really comment on the center itself, or even Mr. Shimano and his depth of understanding. But yeah, I can see what is NOT getting practiced there.

 For me, once it became obvious that there is a real issue and not just slander and vindictiveness by some angry students, immediate action should have taken.

 Frankly, I feel he deserves legal punishment. Just like any other proven sexual offender.

Hmmm, yeah...


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